ICRA is delighted to announce that it has been selected by Fire and Emergency New Zealand to deliver its new dispute resolution scheme for use by its volunteers and the general public. The scheme comes into operation on 10 December 2021 and will operate nationwide..

The scheme gives Fire and Emergency volunteers and the public an independent and transparent process to resolve complaints and situations of conflict. They can also use the scheme to dispute certain statutory decisions made by Fire and Emergency.

The scheme was developed following public consultation in 2019 and is guided by the following principles:

  • accessibility;
  • independence;
  • fairness;
  • accountability;
  • efficiency; and
  • effectiveness.

ICRA Managing Director John Green has welcomed the establishment of the new service, saying “we are delighted to have been selected to assist Fire and Emergency to provide quality dispute resolution services in which all parties are treated fairly and are heard when issues arise”.

Fire and Emergency Chief Executive, Rhys Jones, is pleased to see the scheme in operation. “It’s important to us that our volunteers, and people within the communities we serve, have a trusted, independent service available to them to resolve any matters of concern. I have confidence that ICRA will provide this.”

Participants in the scheme can be expected to be treated with respect and dignity in all their dealings and interactions throughout the process. They can expect prompt and efficient service and responses to inquiries and requests for assistance. Above all, they can expect independent, fair and accessible dispute resolution processes to enable them to resolve any conflict, complaints and/or disputes with Fire and Emergency or Fire and Emergency personnel.

If you have lodged a complaint with Fire and Emergency and are not happy with the outcome or believe it is taking too long to get a response to your complaint, you can use our facilitation, mediation or adjudication processes to resolve your dispute.

To learn more about the scheme and the types of disputes we can help you with, visit icra.co.nz









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