ACC Reviews and Mediation

Fair and efficient resolution of your ACC dispute

Excellent communication throughout my review from start to finish. I feel ICRA are leaders in communication. Why because staff actually want to be available to communicate - they don’t avoid it they don’t use excessive email to do this. Staff were available to phone and if they didn’t answer my call they rang me back, they listened and were understanding. The mediator was professional and fair as he listened to both parties and asked questions of both parties. At the end of the hearing I wasn’t left wondering what the decision would be because of the process of the review asked ACC to explain their decision further I understand now. The decision is coming out soon and I’m not left wondering what it may be because I understand. Yes the staff were helpful, courteous and professional. I found notifications really taking communication to another level, this is excellent and makes communication transparent to parties.

What I especially valued were cultural options available for Māori.

Ngā mihi ICRA

ICRA’s Role

ICRA is an independent provider of review and mediation services for ACC decisions.

We strive to help our clients navigate the often unfamiliar challenges they face in a way that is fair, transparent, and prompt. Our services enable our clients to resolve conflict positively, with certainty and with satisfaction that they have been seen and heard.


ACC Review and Mediation

The Accident Compensation Corporation (ACC) – Te Kaporeihana Āwhina Hunga Whara – is the sole provider for compulsory insurance cover for personal injury in New Zealand. In its role, ACC makes decisions about both claims for cover and levies.

If ACC makes a decision about your claim or your levy invoice that you do not agree with, you are entitled to have that dispute resolved by either:

  • a review – this is a statutory process where an independent reviewer will reconsider ACC’s decision and determine whether or not it was correct; or
  • ADR (Mediation) – this is a consensual, confidential and relatively informal negotiation process where an independent mediator will help you and ACC to reach a mutually acceptable settlement of the dispute.

Whether you wish to have the decision reviewed or your dispute with ACC mediated, ICRA is able to assist.

The cost of the ACC review and mediation services is met by ACC.

Select from the options on this page to learn more about the review and mediation processes as well as to access our resources relating to the ACC dispute resolution processes.

If you have any questions or want to know more, please contact our case management team.

Review an ACC Decision

Find out everything you need to know about the review process

ACC Mediation

 Learn more about mediating your ACC dispute with ICRA


Te Korowai Kākahu o Te Umanga Arotake Amuamu Motuhake

Learn more about ICRA’s cultural support guidelines


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