ACC Mediation

Fair and efficient resolution of your ACC dispute

If you have a dispute with ACC, you may want to consider trying mediation. The service is free, quick and gives you an opportunity to engage constructively with ACC and an independent ICRA mediator to see if you can find a mutually acceptable solution to the dispute which has arisen.

Mediation is a consensual, confidential and relatively informal negotiation process in which parties to a dispute use the services of a skilled and independent mediator to assist them to define the issues in dispute, to develop and explore settlement options, to assess the implications of settlement options and to negotiate a mutually acceptable settlement of that dispute which meets their interests and needs.

The objective of mediation is to enable and empower the parties to negotiate and resolve the dispute promptly, cost effectively and confidentially rather than to have a decision imposed upon them by a judge, arbitrator or adjudicator. The process enables the parties to negotiate flexible and creative solutions which need not conform to strict legal rights or general community standards.

Ultimately, mediation puts the power back in the hands of the parties to the dispute.

Even if mediation is not successful – ie you are not able to reach an agreement – this does not affect your right to apply for a formal review of the decision in question.

Key Points

  • Mediation is free

  • Mediation is relatively quick

  • You can participate from your own home

  • Any agreement is yours and ACC’s – the mediator will not make a decision for you

  • If you can’t reach agreement, you can still apply for a review of ACC’s decision
ACC Mediation Protocol

Our Mediation Protocol provides parties, advocates and support people with a clear outline of the process, their respective roles and what they can expect.

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