ACC Review Process

Fair and efficient resolution of your ACC dispute

You are entitled to apply for a review of a decision made by ACC (whether it relates to an ACC claim, levies, or a decision made under the Code of ACC Claimants’ Rights).

The independent review process is a statutory (legal) process where an independent ICRA reviewer will issue a legally binding decision after considering any relevant evidence and submissions put forward by you and ACC. There are essentially four stages to the process:

  1. application
  2. case management conference
  3. hearing
  4. decision

ICRA is entirely independent of ACC and our reviewers are all highly experienced and independent professionals. The review process is also managed by our specialist case managers, one of which will be specifically assigned to your case to ensure you have one point of contact throughout the review. You can be confident that your review will be handled respectfully and professionally at all times.

To start the review process, you need to apply to ACC directly. If you want to request that ICRA manage your review, simply let ACC know when you apply and they will ensure your case is managed by us.

Please note that your application must be made to ACC within three months of their decision being made – that date will be recorded on your decision letter or the levy invoice. A late application may only be accepted in exceptional circumstances.

If you have any questions, are unsure whether you can apply for a review or just want to know more, please contact our case management team who are more than happy to help.

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